Friday, August 26, 2011

Last Semester!!

AHHHH!!! I see it now...the END!!!

Haha!! So this week marks the end of my college journey. I am excited and scared for what is to come.

I wish anyone who is in the same shoes, or close to it the best of luck!!! May the force be with you :) Study hard, but make some time for yourself too. I have to work a little harder on the first part though ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I really don't mean to get all emo, but lately I've been feeling like I've been making all the wrong decisions. I feel like even though I think before I speak, or do, it's still wrong, and I get burned. I always try to do what is right, and I try to be the one to be the bigger person, not just to be the better one.

I feel, I give a lot, but I don't get much in return. Finance class has taught me that the greater the risk, the greater the return. Lately, I've been risking a lot, but I've been crashing and burning a lot too. When am I gonna strike it big? I don't get it sometimes...why do I always get the shaft?

I think growing up around negative people has caused me to just instinctively be negative. I don't know why, but I can find the bad in anyone I meet, whether you're that person who always has to talk about yourself when no one else cares, or if you're that person who always have to have the last word in edge-wise, I always find that something about you that annoys me. So I will say this, YES, practically ANYONE who I have ever gotten to know, I have found something that annoys me about you. I don't know how to make this irritability go away, but I try...PROMISE!

You know, I think respect has a lot to do with all of this. I feel like I have so many things that work against me. I am young, or considered to be young in almost all aspects of my life. I am somewhat outgoing (at least to those who I get to know), this can be a turn off to some, the outsiders. I wish people would look beyond the years, and beyond the voice: I am smart, I know what I'm doing. If you give me a chance, you'll see that I'm not the stupid idiot that you think I am. It's hard to undo those first impressions.

Even though I am able to make friends, this thing inside of me makes me to turn, or lose them. I don't know how I will overcome this in the long run. I hope I figure out this key to my happiness soon, or else I will live a sad lonely life. If someone knows what I'm doing wrong...can you let me in??

Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Day Sales

So many good sales going on this week!!! To commemorate the holiday weekend some of my favorite places to shop is offering deals that I would so go for, but don't have the money :(

Kali's Nail Supply is going out of business. They're actually retiring, and it was a quick decision, so they will be open today from 10 till 6 and tomorrow from 10 till 4 and they're offering 50% off the whole store, at least their retail products, which include nail polishes, treatments, and other basics that don't require a license. Check out their facebook page for the details.

HauteLook is one of my favorite places to get things that I can't normally afford or don't have access to. This weekend they are offering free shipping for orders 50% or more. It looks like the sales are lasting through the weekend instead of the normal three days, and there also seems to be more sales going on now.

And Tokidoki is doing a Memorial Day sale with 30% off online and in store. I don't know of any Tokidoki stores here, but since their stuff is quite pricey, I think this would be a great time to buy those gifts to yourself ;)

Okay, not that many things I found. Just to help you people on a budget. It's also a great opportunity to buy gifts :) I think it's never too early to start Christmas shopping, although I usually scramble starting December 20th or so ;P

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Ending the Semester

WOW!! This semester was so intense!! I mean, I knew it was going to get more and more nuts, but I was so not preparing for this!!!

Presentation after presentation, then a bunch of exams. That's how it went for about 3 or 4 weeks after Spring Break. I mean, part of it is my fault because I really didn't do any of the stuff I had planned to do so that my workload wouldn't be that bad.

Hah...the end is near, and this is the first semester in a while where I feel I will get grades that I want :)

Hope everyone else is surviving well!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Purchase Goals for 2011

So I'm trying to acquire some new electronics this year, and things have NOT been in my favor. I've been wanting a new camera for quite some time now, and I can't seem to decide what kind of camera I want. ALSO, I've been wanting an iPod touch for some time, and now that it has a camera (actually 2), I really want one. I've been saying for YEARS once the iPod touch gets a camera, I'm getting an iPod touch.

So for the camera. In the past maybe 7-8 years, I've been buying a new digital camera almost every other year, which does NOT help my wallet. However, the last time I got a new camera was I believe in the middle of 2008, so I've actually been really good :) That camera recently flubbed an upload on facebook, which actually lit that desire to get a new camera too. Anyway, I hear about so many people doing their project 365, and I really would like to do one too because I like looking at awesome pictures, and hopefully take good pictures too, so I've been looking into these kinda "hybrid" cameras. Different people call them different things, but what I'm looking for is something that won't break the bank, that can zoom (optical zoom that is) really nice (at least 10x), and that can take really clear pictures (like DSLRs). So, looking around I run into the Olympus PEN series, which is this "hybrid" type. Slightly compact, but with a light sensor very close to a DSLR. The only thing is that the darn thing is over $500 (with tax and stuff). I can NOT afford that.

So, my goal is actually going to be the Canon PowerShot SX30IS. It is also quite pricey, but BestBuy has it on sale for about $50 cheaper than what the Canon website shows. So, this weekend, I might pick one up. Another downside to this camera is that it is quite bulky looking, and after reading some reviews, it seems pretty heavy. So, it's not one of those carry around in my bag cameras. So I guess for the most part I will still be carrying my Olympus Stylus 1010 around still. I really don't know about this. I need help!!

So, as far as the iPod goes...I really messed things up by not getting one as soon as I wanted. Costco used to sell iPods for pretty cheap. My brother has access to the NEX and after comparing and putting everything into perspective, the Costco one was cheaper amazingly. So, earlier this year, I went to pick one up, and for the life of me I couldn't find the darn display. I kept walking around and walking around, and I'm thinking: this would be my luck if they stopped selling iPods altogether. So I finally found an employee and he told me that they stopped selling all Apple products...see: MY LUCK! So, after I recover from my camera purchase, I will as the brother to head out and get me my iPod.

Just wanted to vent out my frustrations with my need to be technologic. Will update when I get my goods!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Party Time

Oh my...what a day! Today, my family and I celebrated my grandma's 80th birthday. It was such a great gathering. I was elected MC, and I was so nervous. Most of the guests were family that I don't get to see much, and the rest were my immediate family and my grandma's good friends. There was so much going on, and I was so thrown off from the beginning.

Let's start from maybe a month ago. When we first started planning what we were going to do, I really wanted to help, so I kept bugging my mom and her sister about different things that I wanted to make sure was going good. So, it was my own fault for being the MC, I ended up asking them, "So, who's going to be the MC?" and my aunty replied, "Oh, maybe you should do it!" Then she went on and told me, "Oh, you should dance!" I didn't end up dancing, but I got some great entertainers out of my pool of Okinawan friends.

Over the past maybe 2-3 weeks I have been continuously worrying about two things: making sure that my friends were ready to dance, and making sure I had the right material for the speaking part. It was hard because my mom and aunty were really busy, and I was getting more and more nervous.

Finally this past week I had been typing everything out, and trying to get the right material for the performances and the centerpiece giveaway game. Yesterday I was ready to practice the centerpiece game (which I made a left/right story for) with my mom and my aunty, so I was going to do it while we were getting the favors ready. However, my mom threw a curveball at me: she brought my dad. My dad is the worst critic that I ever encountered. He doesn't critique anyone...he CRITICIZES! It's horrible, and I already don't like him much, so when my mom urged me to wait for my dad to come back from transporting stuff around, I was getting more anxious. So, my mom told me to tell my story, and I think I got two sentences out, and I stopped because I wanted to ask for a suggestion to make the intro to the story flow a bit more, and my dad butts in saying that all the people there are old and that they're not going to understand me, so I was not going to tolerate this crap and I stopped, I didn't even read the story that my aunty was excited to hear. Later she asked me if I was going to finish, and I simply replied. "NO." I was too pissed off and I wasn't going to be criticized the whole way, so I refused to continue. I think I made her mad, but my mom understood why I did it, and only later kinda apologized/sympathized. It really seemed like my mom appreciated my hard work, but it just sucks that I always have to be so defensive and make other people mad at me for something I didn't do.

So, yesterday was kind of an eventful day...not in a good way though.

So, today comes, and I am getting more nervous and more nervous, especially since many things were not working in my favor.

For one thing, my dancers were not getting ready fast enough, and could not make it early to see the area they'd be performing. Not like it woulda really happened anyway, almost all the guests were early. So, that means we were setting up and doing everything with everyone there. It was sorta ok because everyone helped out. My mom was a bit mad because the old people were not ensuring quality control, but whatever it turned out!

So, the entertainment: it was so good! I am so happy and so proud of my friends. They really did a great job. To Julia and Michelle: THANK YOU for risking your joints and doing Shishi no Mai AND Ashibinaa! Also thanks to everyone else: Tori, Ashley, and Dazz, and the musicians: Lisa, Sean, Kenton, and even Melissa for doing all the hair and playing sanba. Times like this make me very thankful for great friends. Not the kind that will be nice to you so that they can get away with trying to be an adult rather than actually being one (vent moment). They did this for me, and I would do this for their grandmas too :)

The centerpiece giveaway game: frustrating! Anyway, I thought I was talking slow and clear enough for everyone to understand what's going on, but I was totally WRONG!!! Like I think I made this game for the totally wrong crowd...too many old people! Anyway, the centerpiece eventually went to someone, whether they cheated by claiming it theirs to begin with (Dazz), or they played their own game (the table in front of me).

All in all, the party came and went, and my grandma doesn't recall much :/ whatever, we will soon have a scrapbook for her to look at :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

OneRepublic was AWESOME!!

So, I went to the OneRepublic concert on Monday, and I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised...they are really good live. I think that is one major way to tell if a band, or artist is actually a true musician...if they are good LIVE.

I wish I had taken better pics to show, but I have come to terms with the fact that I NEED a new camera. My camera could not keep up with the technology at that concert man...I only took really blury pictures, and I'm not really sure how to control the shutter speed on that camera :/

Like I mentioned before, I had a hard time figuring out what I was going to wear on my feet...ended up wearing my "pretty" slippers from Aldo. They are my I want my feet to look nice, but I don't wanna wear heels footwear ;) Standing for that whole time was kinda gruesome on my feet, but it was all worth it.

One more thing before I actually get to the concert details, I could NOT believe what rudeness decided to show up at this concert! Like it was nuts how some people cannot respect others' space, or what politeness is about!! One issue was the bitches that decided to stand behind us because we are come on! You don't have to say it out loud like that! Anyway, those girls were bitching about how they worked in heels and now their feet were tired and sore and...I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT!!! If you're going to be talking that loud and obnoxiously, please stand at least 10 feet away from me! Anyway, that was the least of my worries. The bunch of girls standing next to me had an issue on where my comfort bubble was. I mean it was, actually now that I think about it, quite weird. This girl with her friends decided that she did not want to bother her own friends (if they were even her friends) by bumping them with her big ass bag, but instead bump me, a stranger with it ALL NIGHT! Gosh, is this where politeness is going these days? Anyway, my strategy of getting closer and closer to her kinda worked, she kinda made space around herself. But what took the cake were these two girls who decided they were going to in a sense cut in front of us and make this super tall guy move into my friend's view, totally obstructing it actually. So I made ass...yesssss, and I am PROUD of it!! Too bad it didn't really work, it just made them scared the whole time and they didn't move. After the concert, we kinda started walking very close behind them. It was funny watch them a notch slower than running away. didn't not ruin the fact that OneRepublic put on a great show.

As for going back to this waterfront place, I think only if it's a really good artist. So only if they make this list I will consider going through that again:
  • Jason Mraz
  • Hot Hot Heat
  • OneRepublic
  • Good Charlotte
And that's actually about it. :)